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#* At some point, as we approach 100K time-stamped, sourced data points: come up with a proposal for how to capture this more elegantly in WD. (letting a value be a time-series)
[[user:Harej|Harej]], [[user:Doc James]], what do you think?
:: Hello [[User:Sj]] and [[User:RobLa]]. First of all: thank you for your participation on this wiki so far. Your activity is how I know this wiki matters. To give you all an update, I secured $7,300 in funding from the Credibility Coalition to support moving this wiki to Kubernetes, allowing it to scale more readily. This is because I plan on using the wiki to host the [ COVID-19 Open Research Data Challenge] dataset. My goal is to create a user-annotatable database of COVID-19 research, hooking into the ontology of Wikidata. This funding makes that and more possible.
:: This, of course, does not rule out other use cases. I want this software to support any and all projects you can think of. To that end I support Sj's ideas around using this wiki to host content above and beyond the Wikimedia wikis. I would add that rather than try to push Wikidata as far as we can, we could use ''this'' wiki as a staging area for later contribution to Wikidata, or Wikidata could link out to this wiki and the two would work together.
:: RobLa, feel free to continue contributing here, or on the Helpful Engineers Wiki, as you see fit. For what it's worth, I see Covid19Relay as a connector between resources, including other wikis, and not necessarily an ultimate destination onto itself. [[User:Harej|Harej]] ([[User talk:Harej|talk]]) 23:39, 29 April 2020 (UTC)

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